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Appfarm is offering a groundbreaking application platform to develop digital solutions and products extremely fast. Their innovative product, Appfarm Create, lets users rapidly create advanced software tailored to their particular needs, without a single line of code, using only a web browser.

The Appfarm engineering team is responsible for developing the most powerful no-code application development platform in the world. They look forward to hire an ambitious Full-Stack Hacker who is triggered by working on cutting-edge software engineering challenges.

Appfarm is challenging the principles of how great software should be made, and need more amazing people to join our mission. If you want to become a key person in developing one of Norway's most exciting tech companies then Appfarm is the company for you! Do you want to be part of the team?

As our new Full-Stack Hacker your responsibilities will be:

  • Developing the Appfarm platform and associated tools with particular responsibilities related to the underlying cloud infrastructure, including architecture, design and implementation on conceptual, logical and data level.
  • Development work both by introducing completely new and innovative features and capabilities as well as improving and extending current platform capabilities.
  • Contributing to the Appfarm platform being at the forefront of the possibilities offered by new web technologies.
  • Actively support colleagues and partners developing web and mobile applications using Appfarm Create.
  • Being a key person in growing our company both professionally and socially to become one of Norway’s most exciting workplaces.

To succeed in this role, we believe:

  • You are passionate about new technology and enjoy researching and experimenting with emerging technologies. Information security is probably part of your background or an area of interest.
  • You are an amazing troubleshooter and able to dig into and solve hard problems, including the ones StackOverflow cannot help you with.
  • You are not afraid to dive into the source code of third party libraries to figure out why they don’t behave as you expect.
  • You have the ability to push back on problematic requirements and articulate why and what the long-term consequences will be
  • You are comfortable working without crystal clear specifications, and feel at home as a problem solver capable of grasping the whole picture, but also understand which corners can be cut and what corners never should be cut.
  • You are proficient working with one of the leading cloud computing platforms (Google Cloud, AWS or Azure). Knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform is a benefit, as is experience with NoSQL-databases like MongoDB.
  • You speak Node.JS, comfortable in the command line and familiar with tools like Git and Linux. If you are familiar with languages like Golang, Rust or Python that's great but not a requirement.
  • Academic degrees and grades are not necessarily representative of your skillset, but a relevant education counts for something.
  • A desire to work on software that has global impact, and a passion for creating scalable technology.

We offer:

  • Unique opportunity for a key technical role in a tech startup with independent work assignments and freedom to pursue own projects.
  • A company seeking to create the next big thing, and ambitious colleagues with the ability to execute.
  • Competitive salary, benefits and stock option plan.
  • Offices in Oslo city center. This fall they are moving to brand new offices at Rebel, the new center of excellence for IT and software technology in Norway. Appfarm currently have offices at the Arkwright X tech incubator at Aker Brygge.

We believe in the following:

  • To succeed developing innovative technology, they believe in having a diverse and multidisciplinary team with different backgrounds and experience.
  • A culture of execution where insights matter and work titles don’t.
  • A workplace where everybody is heard and respected.
  • “If it's broken, fix it” - team members who intuitively take command and solve the issues that need to be solved.
  • Having fun at work, every day.


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Grev Wedels Plass 9
0151 Oslo Veibeskrivelse

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